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The New York Ticket exchange forum & bulletin board is provided to connect buyers and sellers of New York Tickets for TV Shows and Broadway Tickets in New York City. does not supply the Broadway tickets or TV tickets on the forum, it just connects the external parties together. All transactions are between the third parties, does not enter into any agreement with any of the parties.

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After over 78,000 ticket transactions and a considerable amount of aggravation from this website including being hacked, constantly spammed by tens of thousands of emails per day, Denial Of Service attacks, having to move the server over sixteen times due to crashes, complaints by ticket brokers and ticket buyers of false advertising on both sides, "cease and desists" from both TV shows and Broadway shows for use of official artwork, an FBI investigation (That found us innocent of all charges) and an internal revenue audit (That came up with nothing, much to the chagrin of the auditor)- we decided to take down the Ticket Exchange Forum, where you could buy, sell and exchange you tickets to shows in New York City.
We just dont know how Craigslist survives through the thankless headache that running a forum like this is.
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Special Note for Broadway Ticket Transactions
Avoid scams & fraud by dealing locally and checking the merchandise first. Non-local deals that involve shipping, wire transfer, or cashier checks are also often fraudulent. If someone wants your bank account details or wants to overpay with you writing a refund check, please avoid. Always remember, caveat emptor - Buyer beware, their are many types of fraud out there, so do your homework before you buy.

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