Good morning all!

We are continuing to push forward developing more tools to aid you in dispatching work to drivers through our site.  As a side benefit you or anyone with the log in credentials can send load information to yourself via a text as well.  I know this has been helpful for on-call after hours situations. 

Prior to this e-mail we provided the availability for a dispatcher to text a smartphone a link to the load confirmation sheet.  With that you needed to enter in the phone number on each load.  To make this process easier we have now added the functionality to populate your own driver list.  This can be accomplished by either entering them in one by one or uploading a driver file using a spreadsheet which is available to download from the new Document Center on

Our direction continues to be toward providing more ways to communicate load details to the correct people in your organization due in part to the fact that food safety requirements and shippers are continuing to push the direction of more real time data.  From the texted link drivers can enter in load specific information we require such as the weight of the load and the BOL number.

Please give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Thank you,