Good afternoon.
Now our blog page has the ability to receive comments....I should clarify that to say, "receive helpful, like minded, meaningful, and pleasant comments".  Any contrary, hurtful, or incendiary comments will obviously immediately be deleted so my family business members don't join in the banter.
We now also have the ability for you to sign up for the blog.  Up until this point we've been mass e-mailing it out to our carrier members and then posting certain ones to social media as well.  Our plan is to add all the carriers we've been sending them to as subscribers.  If you receive it and don't want it for the future just unsubscribe.
Now that Fluid Talk is more official, I'll really up my game and share official thoughts on everything from brick cheese to aged brick cheese.
Next on the to-do list will be to pay for improved "Our Team" picture models.  We previously went with the budget models.
Have a great Thursday!